When storytelling becomes the greatest tool to connect with your team

With Jennifer Leone

When WHAT you say makes all the difference!

When WHAT you say makes all the difference!

What difference would it make if you could communicate to your team, exactly the point you want to get across? Imagine understanding the ‘know how’ by using a method through storytelling.

It will make it easier to be understood.

In this session you will understand what power storytelling holds in conveying your point, or your message or simply how it can help motivate your team.

You will get to understand the elements of storytelling and how each component has a part to play in conveying your message.
Real life examples will be used and will be debriefed to better equip you to create a deeper connection.

You will be able to read the cues in body language and the different tones our voice can have in communicating. You will be shown how to ask better questions to receive better responses so that you can create a clearer path to communicate with our team.

  • A better understanding of the benefits of storytelling in the workplace.
  • How storytelling has its place in the workplace.
  • Understanding what and how to say what you are wanting to convey with your team. 
  • How to ask better questions in achieving a better response from your team. 
  • Understanding each component of storytelling and its use in the work place.

A self-described Storytelling Strategist Coach, Jennifer Leone is Director of Talk Trainers who is committed to maximising StorySelling and StoryConnect. She has spent the last 20 years creating a reputation in the speaking industry as the go to in finding your message in your stories and creating a deeper impact in the stories you share. Better stories, better connection, better results.
Currently, she is on the facility of Stage Time University as a Speech Coach.