With Dr Philip Merry

Creating Quantum Results

We are living in a world of uncertainty and ambiguity which demands a change in the rules that teams live by. To navigate this new world of teams we must release the grip of Newtonian linear logic and embrace the Quantum mindset which recognises that human beings are at our core, connected energy. It is a paradigm shift that will unleash our creativity, curiosity, and adaptability, attract synchronicity and create quantum results.

To do this middle managers need to know how to create TeamSynchronicity™

THE 8 SECRETS OF TeamSynchronicity™ 

1. MISSION OWNERSHIP: each team member is committed to a meaningful team mission.

2. VALUES AND ALIGNED BEHAVIOUR: there is an agreed upon set of values and aligned behaviours to achieve the team mission.

3. HEART/BRAIN COHERENCE: brain and heart work together, and there is mental and emotional coherence throughout the team.

4. SKILL SUFFICIENCY: the team has both the skills and styles needed to achieve results.

5. AUTHENTIC SELF: Each member understands and contributes their authentic self.

6. TRUST AND SAFETY: there is a trusting climate where all members are valued, can be depended on to keep their promises; and to speak up on difficult issues.

6. RESULTS FOCUS: there is a constant focus on achieving mission results.

8. QUANTUM MINDSET: members know how to navigate from a Newtonian to a Quantum mindset and how to look out for synchronicity.

In this cutting edge session Dr Philip Merry will introduce you to ideas that will transform your own team management and leadership as well as your team.

Dr Philip Merry, is the originator and world leader in TeamSynchronicity™,  has focussed on teams and leadership of teams since 1980; and has conducted team sessions in 63 countries with government and corporate organisations. British by birth Dr Merry has been based in Singapore since 1990, is a Master Belbin Educator having accredited over 400 facilitators as Belbin Team Role coaches. Dr Merry has a Master’s Degree in Business and Management Research from Henley Business School, and is the only person with a grounded theory PhD in Synchronicity and Leadership from as well as 22 further certifications in a variety of team and leadership tools. Philip is a Senior United Nations Team Facilitator, and was once a London taxi driver.