Creating "Best Possible" Results.

Maximising the effectiveness of your team (& your relationship with your boss!)

With Helen Mac

In three simple steps!

Is your team producing the results you need? Are they delivering to their capabilities?

As we continue the process of stabilising business operations after the recent tumultuous times, middle managers need to maintain a mindset focused on maximum output while minimising stress for themselves and their teams.

This presentation will introduce two key questions and three specific steps to give you the power to mobilise your team and enhance your relationship with your manager & peers. You’ll gain ideas to support your team to boost their results and learn an extra layer to add to your next goal setting session.

  • Understand how to empower your team to manage priorities more effectively
  • Be more assertive in workload conversations with your manager
  • Build on successful outcomes and maintain productivity levels
  • Identify the missing piece in most goal setting strategies
  • Tap into an achievement mindset to boost results

Helen Mac is passionate about maximising opportunities for businesses and people. With a Bachelor of Psychology followed by decades of experience developing leaders and team members around the Asia Pacific region, Helen has worked with thousands of people to improve results in their work and their lives. She has authored and contributed to six books, including “Secrets of Business Builders Exposed”, and written & delivered hundreds of customised presentations, workshops & seminars.