Networking for Middle Managers

With David Price

How to successfully network for people who would rather poke their eyes out than go to a networking event.

Love it or hate it, networking is here to stay - live, virtual or both. Some people generate all their business contacts, leads and new business from networking. Others get nothing. What's the difference?
In this session you'll find out how to make networking easy and profitable.
Even if you are not in business or looking for leads, but work in an organisation as a manager, networking is a great source of learning new ideas, the latest trends and ways to make your life and work easier and more rewarding.

At this session you'll learn. You'll laugh. And then you'll learn some more.

  • Know how to get in the "zone" to network effectively
  • Know at least 9 questions to ask to start a conversation
  • Know how to politely escape from a boring or negative person
  •  Know the 5 must "do's" when you are networking
  • Know the 5 must "not do's" when you are networking
  • Know how to choose the right events to attend

David Julian Price has been speaking, consulting and training for over 35 years. That's a long time and thousands of people in audiences all around the world. He has collected lots of wisdom which he shares with his audiences in a unique blend of knowledge, humour, inspiration and challenge. He has qualifications, awards and accolades as long as your arm but none of those really matter because David's skill is connecting with people and shining a spotlight on their hidden gems.