Leading in a Hybrid World

With Sally Foley-Lewis

How to lead everyone when they are everywhere

“But I can’t see them, how do I know they are working?”

“The team think I’m monitoring them but it’s the tech that tracks all that stuff. I hate it as much as they do.”

“How do I engage with everyone when they are scattered all over the place?”

When I lived in Longreach – in outback Australia – pre Skype, pre Zoom, pre Facetime – every week I stared at the speaker on a landline telephone wondering who was that speaking, what’s so funny, what’s the in-joke, why are they all talking at once, why am I on this call?!?!?

My boss was amazing at keeping me in the loop but there were moments where I felt completely left out. Leading a team who are dispersed requires a fresh approach that conventional leading doesn’t achieve.

COVID has well and truly left a legacy! It has wreaked havoc on what we all thought was a ‘normal’ way of working. Therefore skills for leading and managing your people needs to expand and adjust. With some workers required to be on-site; others wanting a work from home arrangement; some wanting a blend; and organisation’s and governments wanting the economy to improve (yep, this impacts hybrid), this leaves today’s leaders with the challenge of leading and managing a hybrid team.

Shifting from being able to see and engage face to face to a blend of local and remote arrangements requires leaders and managers to re-think how they approach their role, productivity and performance, and still get their own work done. All without burnout!

  • Identify potential issues and concerns and how to resolve them quickly and effectively
  • Explore strategies to engage the team and help them feel connected and stay productive, not matter where they are located
  • Learn how to measure and conduct performance conversations across the hybrid team
  • Identify issues related to proximity and resolve them effectively to avoid negatively affecting the team culture
  • Explore the silver linings of a hybrid team and how to leverage these for productivity, performance and profit
  • Identify boundaries that help sustain you and your team’s respectful, professional and productive working relationships

Sally Foley-Lewis inspires managers to be high performing, purposeful and productive. She ensures people reach their potential. Sally's presentations and programs positively impact confidence, leadership and results. A multi-award winning global professional speaker, Sally has also authored many books. The drive to support and skill managers comes from her own CEO and senior leadership experiences. Through presentations, keynote speeches, workshops and coaching - online and face-to-face - Sally skills managers, boosts productive, confidence and self-leadership.