The Age Smart & Age Ready Manager

With Neerja Singh

Build trust and respect between generations.

An unprecedented generational change is happening at both ends of the work spectrum today. Employees are living longer but the power is moving younger. Plain intelligence boasts three separate components: Digital intelligence, Emotional intelligence and Social intelligence.

Each generation is entering their careers with different paradigms and unique lenses. Take factors such as attitude towards authority, communication style, motivating skill, feedback loop and evaluation, dealing with change...there is a new diversity at play.

Although multi-generational teams are desirable for innovation and creativity, it is the middle ground that will decide whether this new diversity will be a help or a headache. And since, there is no microwave in the market for leadership skills yet, it is the middle management that will have to learn to build trust and respect between generations.

In an era of youth cult, ageist assumptions and our longevity future, the middle manager will have to be both age ready and age smart!

In this session middle managers will:

  • Understand the new diversity and reasons why
  • Appreciate what it takes to connect the generations
  • Learn the 8 benefits of age diversity in the workplace
  • Examine how to integrate generational differences at work
  • Dive into the art of reverse mentoring
  • Begin to think mentor, not just manager

A millennial in spirit, with the benefit of hindsight, Neerja Singh is the Seenager or the Senior Teenager. Four generational books, a YouTube channel on gen-next, a professional column called ‘A step ahead’, and a TEDx talk entitled “The Unaffordable Cost of Generation Gap”, Neerja helps harness generational diversity @work and @home. A certified virtual presenter, Neerja represents the PSAI on the Global Speakers Federation Board and was invited to speak at the Global Speakers Summit 2022 Dublin, Ireland.