Why aren't you coaching yet?

With Dr Stacey Ashley

Scale your leadership impact with coaching.

Stacey will introduce you to the Why, What and How of leveraging a leadership coaching approach.

  1. Why having a Coaching approach is important
  2. What coaching really is, and
  3. How to go about adding a coaching approach to your leadership

In this session you will learn:

  • The benefits to you and your people of adopting a coaching approach
  • What it takes to coach the people around you
  • Practical coaching tips you can use in your next conversation
  • New ways of working across the generations
  • An understanding of how adopting a leadership coaching approach will scale your leadership impact

Obsessed with Leading Possibility, Dr Stacey Ashley CSP is a Leadership & Coaching Expert. With over 30 years’ experience, Stacey has helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence, and credibility. With 8 international Stevie awards, Stacey has been named twice in LinkedIn’s Top Voices. The author of five Amazon #1 best selling books on leadership, Stacey has a talent for translating complex concepts into simple & practical ideas for immediate application. Stacey is often described as the leader for leaders.