Intrapreneurialism: The new essential leadership skills for  Middle Managers

With Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw

Discover your intrapreneurial leadership potential

Intrapreneurial leadership is essential for organisations that wish to thrive in the new world of work. As our world becomes increasingly disrupted leaders at all levels play a crucial role in readying their workforce, liberating the talent of their people and transforming their organisation.  

This presentation will help middle managers appreciate why intrapreneurial leadership is now more important than ever and how they can be effective intrapreneurial leaders.

  • Understand the importance of intrapreneurial leadership, how it is different from traditional leadership and why you need to be an intrapreneurial leader
  • Know how to apply the seven skills of intrapreneurial leaders within your current role to increase your leadership effectiveness
  • Discover which stage you are at with your own professional intrapreneurial journey and what you need to do next to develop further

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw is a master educator, academic, author, speaker and entrepreneur who has dedicated her working life to the liberation of human potential. She has a PhD in creative problem-solving and a Masters in Adult Education. This means that she brings a combination of deep, academic knowledge, real-world entrepreneurial experience and skilled education practice to her work - which is to harness the vast reservoir of untapped talent within workplaces. Her mission is to empower people to use their creativity and intrapreneurial talent to solve complex problems which create value in their organisations and beyond.