How to stand out as a promising middle manager when things get complex

With Susanne Le Boutillier

How to achieve your goals faster, easier and sooner

Do you want to be seen as a middle manager who is blocking other people from progressing, or do you want to be seen as a promising manager your employer cannot afford to ignore?

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous work environment, you will struggle and languish in the middle unless you know how to manage yourself, be strategic, think your way through complexity and help your team manage uncertainty and ambiguity.

The good news is there are proven approaches that you can practice and master. Susanne will share some of the practical things you can do to manage the situation, yourself and others, so you are seen as a strategic thinker and effective people manager who has potential.

This is a session not to be missed if you want to be seen as a promising manager who can lead in a world of change.

  • Understand why a one size fits all approach to problems won't work
  • Know what to do instead
  • Know how the way you think can get in the way of your own success and how to avoid the common traps
  • Know why and how to support your team to be safe to fail
  • Know what happens when you ignore your team's need for certainty and how to help them when you're surrounded by ambiguity

Susanne Le Boutillier helps managers develop the skills and confidence to navigate complex situations. Having worked her way up to the executive level in the high-pressure health and community services industry, she knows what it takes to be a successful middle manager. Susanne’s presentations and programs are grounded in evidence about what works and real-life leadership experience. As a result, managers come away knowing how to get the results that matter by being safe to fail.